Some progress of my community topic


This is the second time for me to go to watch the away game. The good news is that community in the coach begins to accept me. Based on this factor, my research started getting easier, and I think if I go to join them 3 or 4 more times, I will get everything I want.

The organizer, Liz, such a nice lady, she helps me a lot. However, this’s the second time for some people see me, so we started to become friends. Most of them were willing help me to take photos. In the end, a nice lady drove me home, the time was 1:30 am. What a lovely British people.

I practice my photography skills because of this research, and it helps me a lot to understand British culture. I love it.





After I failed last time, I did some research, I thought maybe it’s a good idea that go to watch an away game. I mean, it’s a long trip to travel there, and there are tons of time for me to communicate with other fans on the coach, hopefully, they will allow me to take some photos.

In fact, it works, but I still didn’t get everything I want. Individuals who were in that coach are kinder than people in the stadium, some of them were willing to cooperate with me.

However, staff who works for that stadium stopped me taking photos. He claims that their stadium doesn’t allow people to take photos with an SLR camera.

I think it’s a nice try,. Next time, things will be more easier.

Services of Sussex University


When I got the topic, I thought maybe it’s a good idea to take some photos of the staff of our university. Then I found that’s my illusion, all of those people told me that “Sorry, I can’t give you that permission to take photos here”.

As the consequence, I decided to take some photos of the services which are provided by our university.


I walked around the campus, and shot several photographs.

I choose five photos which I’m satisfied and update here.

New progress of my subject

Yesterday, I went to the stadium again, and I felt I got something new.

Last time, I just like a spectator over there, observed them and took some photos. When I went back home, I found it’s useless except to prove I have done something for my subject. After I arranged all the photos and post on my blog, I found it help me to considering the next step.

I love football, and I thought I know many information about it, from Paul Gascoigne to David Beckham, from Alan Shearer to Wayne Rooney, from Brian Clough to Sir Alex Ferguson, that help me have a nice conversation with some old fans when I watch a game in Wembley  Stadium. I mean in this information explosion age, it’s very easy to get news from everywhere, but it wouldn’t help me with my “community”.

However, I believe I should find a target first, a real organization.


I found two organization in the north stand, one is NSK BHA, another is BHAFC PunkRock.

Some fans near me gave me many useful information, they said all these organization link to football club, they have very special relationship. Like peripheral commodity, like the discount of goods from F.C. store. Meanwhile, away game, that’s another cooperation between fans club and football club. I think to become a membership of these organization is the key point for my study of community.

I found they websites, and research each other, then choose NSK BHA as my ultimate aim. There is no information about their address or who are in charge, so I have to send a e-mail to them and wait for them respond me. I hope I could get good news.

If I get the bad news, I think I have to find another way to be one of them. I’m trying to ask some local people’s help, I hope it will works.

My topic about community

At the beginning, I choose foot fans as my topic because I am interested of football, and I believe foot is one of the symbol of British which is the birthplace of modern football.

I used to go to local stadium to watch foot games, but I always focus on football game, never pay attention on the football fans.

I think it’s a good chance to research football fans as my community topic, do they have some organization?

I notice there are some songs of the local football team- Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, but some fans know each single song, some of them just know one or two songs. However, when the match is carrying on, I found people in the north are singing all the time, but people in other area didn’t do it like that. Some times, people in the other area sing the song with people in north area, but they are very quiet in other times expect saying “Well done” or “Come on”._DSC8738.JPG

I’m very interesting about fans attitude of the songs, why people in north stand could sing all the time?

I find other feature of people in north stand, some of them are standing when they watch the game, and there is banner saying “Stand or fall”._DSC8750_DSC8746

I’m not sure what is the meaning of that banner, I figure out this.

Turning to the “standing”, I remember when I go the Old Trafford to watch the football match, every one are standing when they watch the match. At the beginning I thought they are welcoming the players or something, but when the match begin, no one sit down. Manchester United is one of the best football club in the world, I comprehend their fans are little different with others, some of the local fans are standing when they watch the match, also make them so special.

I believe people in the north stand have an organization, I will try to join them next game.

By the way, I plan to join them on Saturday, but the match was cancelled, the next game is in 15th March. I hate the match which is starting in the night, the light is a huge challenge for me, it’s very hard to take good photos.

Bill Brandt


Bill Brandt, 2 May 1904 – 20 December 1983, was a British photographer and photojournalist. He is widely considered to be one of the most important British photographers of 20th century.



After World War II, he began a celebrated series of nudes. This is a photo from his best work, Shadow of Light (1966). He used the wide-angle lens to take the photo of human body, and he was very close to his subject, which make photo little deformed. Meanwhile, I believe this kind of distortion makes his photo unique.

The way he took photo inspire me, it shows me more possibility of photography, and I will try it, not just for human body, next time I think I should try it on things, such as a car, a bird or a street.

On the other hand, the framing of his photos are also terrific. It help me know how to “cut” me photos and how to express what I want to say.